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Import AI 185: Dawn of the planetary search engine; GPT-2 poems; and the UK government’s seven rules for AI providers 1d

Dawn of the planetary satellite-imagery search engine:…Find more images like this, but for satellite imagery…AI startup Descartes Labs has created a planet-scale search engine that lets people use the equivalent of ‘find more images like this’, but instead of uploading an image into a search engine and getting a response back, they upload a picture of somewhere on Earth and...

Import AI 184: IBM injects AI into the command line; Facebook releases 4.5 BILLION parallel sentences to aid translation research; plus, VR prison 8d

You’ve heard of expensive AI training. What about expensive AI inference?…On the challenges of deploying GPT-2, and other large models…In the past year, organizations have started training ever-larger AI models. The size of these models has now grown enough that they’ve started creating challenges for people who want to deploy them into production. A new post on Towards Data Science...

Import AI: 183: Curve-fitting conversation with Meena; GANs show us our climate change future; and what compute-data arbitrage means 15d

Can curve-fitting make for good conversation?…Google’s “Meena” chatbot suggests it can…Google researchers have trained a chatbot with uncannily good conversational skills. The bot, named Meena, is a 2.6 billion parameter language model trained on 341GB of text data, filtered from public domain social media conversations. Meena uses a seq2seq model (the same sort of technology that powers Google’s “Smart Compose”...

Amazon Comprehend now supports multi-label custom classification 19d

Amazon Comprehend is a fully managed natural language processing (NLP) service that enables text analytics to extract insights from the content of documents. Amazon Comprehend supports custom classification and enables you to build custom classifiers that are specific to your requirements, without the need for any ML expertise. Previously, custom classification supported multi-class classification, which is […]