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Expanding Universe for HPC, NVIDIA CEO Brings GPU Acceleration to Arm 2d

Broadening support for GPU-accelerated supercomputing to a fast-growing new platform, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang Monday introduced a reference design for building GPU-accelerated Arm servers, with wide industry backing. Huang — speaking Monday at the SC19 supercomputing show in Denver — also announced that Microsoft has built NDv2, a “supersized instance” that’s the world’s Read article >

Import AI 173: Here come the Chinese “violence detection” systems; how to use GPT-2 to spot propaganda; + can Twitter deal with deepfakes? 3d

What happens when CCTV cameras come with automatic violence detectors?…”Real-World Fighting” dataset sketches out a future of automated surveillance…Researchers with Duke Kunshan University and Sun Yat-sen University in China have developed RWF-2000, a new dataset of “violent” behaviors collected from YouTube. They also train a classifier on this dataset, letting them (with quite poor accuracy) automatically identify violent behaviors in...