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Automating complex deep learning model training using Amazon SageMaker Debugger and AWS Step Functions 2d

Amazon SageMaker Debugger can monitor ML model parameters, metrics, and computation resources as the model optimization is in progress. You can use it to identify issues during training, gain insights, and take actions like stopping the training or sending notifications through built-in or custom actions. Debugger is particularly useful in training challenging deep learning model […]

Import AI 234: Pre-training with fractals; compute&countries; GANS for good 3d

Where we’re going we don’t need data – we’ll pre-train on FRACTALS!!!!…This research technique is straight out of a Baudrillard notebook…In Simulacra and Simulation by French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, he argues that human society has become reliant on simulations of reality, with us trafficking in abstractions – international finance, televised wars – that feel in some way more real than...

Import AI 233: AI needs AI designers; estimating COVID risk with AI; the dreams of an old computer programmer. 10d

Facebook trains a COVID-risk-estimating X-ray image analysis system:…Collaboration with NYU yields a COVID-spotting AI model…Facebook has worked with NYU to analyze chest X-rays from people with COVID and has created an AI system that can roughly estimate risks for different people. One of the things this work sheds light on is the different amounts of data we need for training...