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Import AI 192: Would you live in a GAN-built house?; why medical AI needs an ingredient list; plus, Facebook brews up artificial life 2d

TartainAir challenges SLAM systems to navigate around lurching robot arms:…Simulated dataset gives researchers 4TB of data to test navigation systems against…How can we make smarter robots without destroying them? The answer is to find smarter ways to simulate experiences for our robots, so we can test them out rapidly in software-based environments, rather than having to run them in the...

Increasing performance and reducing the cost of MXNet inference using Amazon SageMaker Neo and Amazon Elastic Inference 8d

When running deep learning models in production, balancing infrastructure cost versus model latency is always an important consideration. At re:Invent 2018, AWS introduced Amazon SageMaker Neo and Amazon Elastic Inference, two services that can make models more efficient for deep learning. In most deep learning applications, making predictions using a trained model—a process called inference—can […]

Import AI 191: Google uses AI to design better chips; how half a million Euros relates to AGI; and how you can help form an African NLP community 9d

Nice machine translation system you’ve got there – think it can handle XTREME?…New benchmark tests transfer across 40 languages across 12 language families…In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy there’s a technology called a ‘babelfish’ – a little in-ear creature that cheerfully translates between all the languages in the universe. AI researchers have recently been building a smaller, human-scale version...