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Automatic Defect Inspection Using the NVIDIA End-to-End Deep Learning Platform 23h

Quality requirements for manufacturers are increasing to meet customer demands. Manual inspection is usually required to guarantee product quality, but this requires significant cost and can result in production bottlenecks, lowered productivity, and reduced efficiency.  Defect inspection for industrial applications has unique characteristics and challenges compared to other computer vision problems for consumer applications: Lack …

Launching TensorFlow distributed training easily with Horovod or Parameter Servers in Amazon SageMaker on 13 September

Amazon SageMaker supports all the popular deep learning frameworks, including TensorFlow. Over 85% of TensorFlow projects in the cloud run on AWS. Many of these projects already run in Amazon SageMaker. This is due to the many conveniences Amazon SageMaker provides for TensorFlow model hosting and training, including fully managed distributed training with Horovod and […]

Tracking the throughput of your private labeling team through Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth on 5 September

Launched at AWS re:Invent 2018, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth helps you quickly build highly accurate training datasets for your machine learning models. Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth offers easy access to public and private human labelers, and provides them with built-in workflows and interfaces for common labeling tasks. Additionally, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth can lower your […]

Enable smart text analytics using Amazon Elasticsearch Search and Amazon Comprehend on 4 September

We’re excited to announce an end-to-end solution that leverages natural language processing to analyze and visualize unstructured text in your Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain with Amazon Comprehend in the AWS Cloud. You can deploy this solution in minutes with an AWS CloudFormation template and visualize your data in a Kibana dashboard. Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) […]