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Predicting driving speed violations with the Amazon SageMaker DeepAR algorithm 16d

Forecasting is an important aspect for many businesses and industries; forging ahead without clearly defined goals could have serious consequences. Product planning, financial forecasting, and weather forecasting create scientific estimates based on hard data and critical analysis. Time-series forecasting decomposes the historical data into the baseline, trend, and seasonality, if any. The Amazon SageMaker DeepAR […]

Profiles in Coding: Diana Yanakiev, Uber ATG, Pittsburgh 23d

Self-driving cars have long been considered the future of transportation, but they’re becoming more present everyday. Uber ATG (Advanced Technologies Group) is at the forefront of this technology, helping bring safe, reliable self-driving vehicles to the streets. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the work of the engineers building the ATG platform’s underlying technologies.  As the engineering manager for...